About IDT

  • Huger Electronic Bike won the A’ design award, the bronze award of “auto mobile communication project design”
  • Huger Board won the A’ design award for “sports entertainment and leisure design”
  • IDT intelligent barbecue thermometer software [Abbreviation: barbecue thermometer]
  • IDT intelligent Wenluo radio software [Abbreviation: Internet Radio]
  • IDT fragrance and brain wave sleep auxiliary tooth box software [Abbreviation: S5101]
  • IDT high precision professional weather station software [Abbreviation: barbecue thermometer]
  • IDT intelligent air monitor software [Abbreviation: SHE101]
  • IDT intelligent travel bell speaker software[Abbreviation: Travel speaker]

Management Team

  • P.P Foo

    IDT Chairman

    Degree: MBA

    Working Experience: Former HP global VP, and former HP President of China; former Dell global VP

    Responsibility: Comprehensively manage IDT

  • Alan Yan


    Degree: Master

    Working Experience: Former Strategy Development Director of Li Ning Company Limited; former Strategic Investment Director of Fosun International Limited

    Responsibility: Comprehensively manage IDT routine operation

  • Steven Cheng


    Degree: MBA

    Working Experience: Former global CHO of Perlos; former senior executive of Liteonmobile, Pulse, Jarden Consumer Solutions

    Responsibility: Comprehensively manage IDT HR routine operation

  • Flora Ouyang


    Degree: Master

    Working Experience: Former CFO of Nian nian ka Group

    Responsibility: Comprehensively manage IDT Finance operation

  • Phoenix Wong


    Degree: Master

    Working Experience: Former General Manager of TCL Multimedia TTE Mexico S.A de C.V;former Managing Director of TCL Australia Pty Ltd. 

    Responsibility: In charge of Oregon Scientific business unit

Corporate Culture

“Make it happen” is the core value proposition of IDT's brand strategy, and it guides the establishment and development of the entire brand strategy system, which reflects IDT's spirit of leading innovation with creativity and technology, daring to challenge, and turning dreams into reality.

  • Corporate Vision

    Become a world leading fashion innovative products and intelligent life solutions service provider
  • Corporate Aim

    To be the company whose customers agree and trust;

    To be the company that the society recognizes the pursuit of shareholders;

    To be the company that employees are self-actualizing.

  • Corporate Mission

    Integration of cutting-edge design and cutting-edge technology, leading the social trend;

    Provide innovative products and best services, become the industry benchmark;

    Steady development and positive feedback to shareholders and employees.

  • Core Values



    Seeking truth from facts

    Make it happen

  • Brand Allegation

    Make it happen
  • Brand Position

    International customers love and follow the fashion technology brand

    Fashion innovative products and intelligent life solutions service providers

Development History

Over the past 40 years, IDT has grown from a small Hong Kong company to a global multinational company.
We have focused on introducing innovative and high-quality intelligent lifestyle products and services and establishing a worldwide distribution and retail network.
1977 year
IDT was established in 1977 and launched the first LCD clock in the world
1988 year
In 1988, IDT was listed on Hong Kong's stock exchange
1990 year
In 1990, IDT acquired Oregon Scientific of U.S.
2000 year
IDT established the Research and Development center in Xixiang, Shenzhen
2015 year
Sanpower acquired IDT international
2017 year
With new management team, IDT focused on the research of fashionable high-tech product and intelligent wearable design

Core Competitiveness

Build core competitiveness and create a new situation in the future.
Core competence is the ability of an enterprise to gain long-term competitive advantage. It is a unique, time-tested, malleable technology or capability that is hard for competitors to imitate.
  • Customer service

    Professional technical support, timely feedback and communication to meet customer needs

  • Explosive creation

    Directly hit the user's pain point, achieve product breakthrough, make users scream products

  • Innovative R&D ability

    Break the technical barrier with innovation and prove the domineering power of research and development with strength

  • Brand marketing power

    Integrate marketing promotion, establish brand image and enhance brand awareness