IDT international summary in 2018 |Looking back VS sailing
Time:2018-07-17 37

As time flies, the sun and the moon are passing away. July is a connecting link between the preceding and the following, in this critical period, we should even more reflect and summarize ourselves and our work.

The review is not only a tribute to the ups and downs of the past, but also a tribute to the direction that was worth fighting for in the second half.

On July 16, IDT international held the mid-year conference in the multimedia room. There were no empty seats, and even the two sides of the aisle were full. We all put aside our work for a while and gathered to witness the road we have traveled in the first half of the year and look forward to the new journey ahead.

The meeting is about to begin and everyone is coming in orderly.

The meeting was presided over by senior manager Doris Zhu. After her passionate opening, she welcomed the first project of the conference--the new leader introduction.

Since the last Town Hall Meeting, the company has welcomed three new players: VMS sales director Danna Lu, IT director Kent Mai and business development manager Nesta Zhu.

"No matter the previous experience is success or failure, we need to keep an empty cup mentality, communicate and learn with an open mind, so that we can gain growth and success."


Then CEO Timo Qi made a big debut. He first took the video approach to show everyone the achievements of the first half of the year. In just a few minutes, IDT staff were all quietly immersed in the road of the past six months.

The good and bad in work are worth paying tribute to. We will continue to inherit the good ones, and we are trying to improve the bad ones. Both the good ones and the bad ones will become the motivation for future work.


Additionally, CEO Timo to everyone again illustrates the position and strategic direction of company: dedicated to the development of Smart Living, make good products, good technology and good design to change life of IDT. The second half of IDT will focus on performance and sales.

For OS and VMS, the second half is a long way to go, but with such a talented group of people working together, we can make this business bigger and stronger.

You know what?

These are the first half of the year that you have realized. 

As for the new start, Timo took the department as the unit and emphasized the starting point of each department in the second half of the year. Finally, the meeting honored the excellent team in the first quarter and awarded the team that reached the sales target in accordance with the company's previous agreement.

The VMS team was in the spotlight during the first quarter with strong sales, and representatives from 15 teams came on stage to collect “large envelopes” from the CEO.

Lastly, as CEO said, “god will reward those who work hard, pay is rewarding. The company will constantly improve incentive system, also can ensure someone can be a winner in every quarter, hoping that you will continue to make persistent efforts in the third and fourth quarters, and make great efforts to realize the past achievements of grand slam. The new hope will inspire us to continue to create new brilliance.”

We Live To Deliver!

Make it happen!