Brookstone+ Platform landing in New York, IDT international came to punch in
Time:2018-04-25 23

You will never be alone in New York, because the city is your partner, you can always touch the fashion tips here. On April 21, The first maker exhibition store and innovative retail platform of Brookstone Plus, a US specialty novelty chain owned by Sanpower Group, were unveiled at the Roosevelt shopping center in New York garden city, attracting global makers to punch in.

In addition to Indiegogo's Quirky new gadget, as well as a dazzling array of new tech brands such as Anker, Mobvoi and Royole, Brookstone's showrooms have also introduced products such as the Oregon Scientific intelligent AR voice globe and the Huger scooter from IDT international, a unit of Sanpower's new retail business.

Intelligent globe is a combination of many languages HD voice prompt and cool AR interactive stereoscopic world globe, contained more than 220 countries the huge amounts of encyclopedic knowledge, 29 bilingual interactive learning games, let the children feel the fun of learning in enlightenment, through recreation, cultivate children interested in national geographic astronomical aspects of learning. In Brookstone guest exhibition shop attracted a group of students stop to experience.

"Brookstone Plus's innovative retail platform and maker's showroom, we were the first to try it in the United States because Brookstone has been operating in the United States for many years and has developed a following of 'novelty' fans who are more receptive and sensitive to black tech products."

According to the introduction from P.P Foo, CEO of Brookstone US and Chairman of IDT, as a member of the Sanpower family, Brookstone can provide a global channel for manufacturing in China. On the other hand, through Sanpower's production and distribution network, Brookstone can quickly bring the latest maker products to consumers around the world.

"Sanpower aims to create the world's largest novel platform by launching Brookstone Plus's innovative retail platform."

For IDT international, the entry of European products into Brookstone is to make full use of the enterprise cooperation system for brand sales. In the future, IDT international will continue to innovate and produce more high-tech and high-quality products, contributing to the construction of Sanpower group's global retail platform.