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The mission of Electronic Learning Products division is to develop electronic learning products that inspire a smart way of learning for children and their parents. Our definition of ELP is "Effective Learning Path" , which is also the division's motto. By combining technology and integrated learning content we ensure every electronic learning product we create has its own unique learning path.


The division produces a wide range of products, including laptops, talking books, water-proof hands-free action camera, and the award winning SmartGlobe® and SmartPen®. These products utilize technologies such as Internet compatibility and wireless communication. Products are created and developed to provide endless ways of enabling and encouraging interactive and proactive learning. By presenting these learning opportunities in a fun and entertaining way, we generate positive results for the growth of our children.


In order to enhance the value we provide to our customers, the division continually seeks various strategic partners. These include well-known educational consultants and established publishing houses. We have also partnered world-class licensing companies such as Dora®, Mattel (Barbie® and HotWheels®), and Warner Brothers (Batman™ and Superman™).