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Located in Xixiang, China, about 50 miles north of Hong Kong, and meeting international standards at all operation levels, the Group’s centralized manufacturing facilities and the R&D Centre (“Xixiang Facilities”) have contributed significantly to operational efficiency. They are also proof of the Group’s commitment to providing the best possible working environment for its staff. Spread over 80,000 square meters, the Xixiang Facilities enable the Group to fully control all aspects of production and administration. Outsourcing to factories with outstanding track records helps improve cost efficiency and maintain competitiveness.


IDT's production operations include advanced precision plastic injection moulding facilities, high speed SMT equipment, and chip bonding machines. It adopts a 'Cell Manufacturing' supply strategy, processing raw materials in house as they are required for high quality, low cost production. Each division has its own Incoming Quality Control (IQC) department, which screens all raw materials, components and subassemblies to make sure production lines are working only with the highest quality materials. Surface mounting, wire-bonding, prevision plastic moulding, mould making and plastic injection are fully integrated in-house at the Xixiang Facilities allowing for greater control of production lead-time, quality and costs.