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Brand | Oregon Scientific Core Competence

There are many Oregon Scientific products in the marketplace today. They each have their own specific functions and uses, and their own specific roles to play in enhancing the lifestyles of today’s consumer.


At the heart of each and every Oregon Scientific product, you will find a number of core strengths that allow the consumer to understand, appreciate and build trust with the brand. These strengths are:


  • Innovative ideas:

Oregon Scientific uses an original approach to technology to find clever solutions for today’s consumer requirements.


  • Intelligent features:

Oregon Scientific supplies smart products, not only for personal entertainment but to advance and enhance our lives.


  • Beautiful designs:

Oregon Scientific creates products with a modern design that are attractive and desirable.


  • User-friendly products:

Oregon Scientific creates products that are simple to use for everyone.


  • Dependable:

Oregon Scientific ensures that their products are well made and use technology that has passed rigorous testing.