IDT International Limited

About IDT | Core Expertise | R & D Capability

As a consumer electronics company, IDT relies on staying ahead of the market through superior technological and engineering capabilities. IDT has invested heavily in its own team of in-house engineers to continuously develop pioneering products with the application of innovative LCD and microprocessor technologies based on the true needs of consumers. These technologies have included wireless technology, LCD applications, sensor technologies, which cover voice, bio-impedance, UV, motion, speed and distance technologies, light projection, color changing, Wi-Fi, cordless VOIP, and Bluetooth, among others. With them, we have produced many of the world’s first products reflecting not simply the evolution of our products and company, but also the evolution of human lifestyle.


Significant R&D Resources & Investment


  • 200 Engineering staff in the PRC and Hong Kong
  • Introduced more than 100 new products a year
  • Committed to invest between 4-5% of total turnover on R&D every year
  • Accumulative in-house technical know-how
  • Close cooperation with universities and professional institutions, e.g. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Productivity Council, etc.