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Behind their stylish and good-looking exteriors, IDT products utilize some of the most advanced technology available today. The results are products that are comprehensive high performers, with capabilities that far outstrip those of many lower-level competitors. To maintain this edge of technological excellence, IDT invests heavily in both human and technological resources for its R&D team, typically spending around four per cent of its annual revenue on product development.


Each of IDT's product divisions has its own staff of engineers and design specialists who are encouraged to interact and share their ideas and experience. It's a cross-fertilization process that, each year, sparks development of a whole new set of innovative products.


With a staff of R&D engineers and designers numbering well over 500, IDT is able to draw on the very best resources of expertise, experience and technology. They have access to the best equipment and software available for honing and furthering their vision.



  •  Sensor Technology
  •  Advanced Design Methodology
  •  Digital Imaging Technology
  •  Digital Voice and Music Technology
  •  Radio Frequency Wireless Communication Technology
  • Smart Home & Smart Metering Technology
  • Internet of Things (loT) Technology