About IDT

Vision and Mission

“Make it happen” is the core value proposition of IDT's brand strategy, and it guides the establishment and development of the entire brand strategy system, which reflects IDT's spirit of leading innovation with creativity and technology, daring to challenge, and turning dreams into reality.

  • Our Vision

    Be a leading global company to deliver innovative lifestyle solutions, to enhance and enable an active, healthy and Smart living experience.
  • Our Mission

    IDT commits to continuous innovation that incorporates inspiring designs, leading edge technologies to create, develop and manufacture meaningful and high value lifestyle products and solutions that enhances work, live and play.

  • Core Values


  • Brand Slogan

    Make it happen
  • Brand Positioning

    As a fashionable technology brand loved by global customers and a service provider of fashionable innovative products and SmartLiving solutions

Company History & Milestones

Since our inception 42 years ago, IDT International has grown from a small local business to a global listed entity.

Focused in its corporate mission to launch innovative, good-quality lifestyle products and building a worldwide distribution and retail network.

IDT was established in 1977 and launched the first LCD clock in the world
In 1988, IDT was listed on Hong Kong's stock exchange
In 1989, IDT acquired Oregon Scientific of U.S.
IDT established the Research and Development center in Xixiang, Shenzhen
IDT celebrated 40th anniversary

IDT new management team focuses on the development of fashionable high-tech products and wearable device design

Core Competencies

To be a successful industry leader, IDT keeps developing and refining core competencies for sustainable and growing development. Our management defines 4 core competencies, by strictly executing and following that, we’re becoming a more powerful, influential and unique corporate.
  • Product Design Capability

    The products IDT manufactured have won many top international design awards,...

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  • Innovation Capability

    Since 1977, IDT has created 30 world-first  products, including first L...

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  • R&D Capability

    IDT has world-class R&D capability in the fields of blood pressure moni...

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  • Global Channel Capability

    IDT owns a worldwide sales network, expands the business to over 35 countries...

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With innovative technology and excellent design team, IDT products have been widely recognized by many high-end customers, and won international design awards repeatedly.