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About Us

Oregon Scientific. The global brand of lifestyle consumer products.

Oregon Scientific was founded in 1989 in Portland, Oregon, USA, a blissful place buzzing with ideas and inventions. Complimenting this exciting atmosphere was a beautiful and vibrant backdrop of nature. It was from this unique balance that Oregon Scientific has nurtured the concept of “SMART LIVING”.

Oregon Scientific is backed by IDT International Limited, one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. From time to time, our innovative in-house design and product development teams work seamlessly to achieve technological innovation and design excellence. Each product we create implies vital value to human life.

With the support of a strategic marketing team, Oregon Scientific successfully spread our products with beneficial “SMART LIVING” concept worldwide. Nowadays, we have become one of the world-renowned brands that continues to produce cutting-edge lifestyle consumer electronics and gadgets to enhance people’s daily life.

Honorary Awards

Oregon Scientific’s commitment to technological innovation coupled with design flair has proved a formula for high levels of customer satisfaction, and this has been reflected in the numerous awards and other recognition received by the brand over the years. Here are the awards that we have won in recent years.

STEM.ORG Authenticated ™-2018 Mar
Best Toy of the Year-2016
Best Toy of the Year-2015
iF Design Award-2013
iF Design Award-2012 | Hong Kong Awards for Industries-2012
Red Dot Design Award-2012
Red Dot Design Award-2012 | Hong Kong Awards for Industries-2009
Red Dot Design Award-2012
iF Design Award-2011 | Red Dot Design Award-2011 | Hong Kong Awards for Industries-2012
Hong Kong Awards for Industries-2009 | Gifts of the Year in Rema Days Trade Fair-2010
Hong Kong Awards for Industries-2009

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    41 Man Yue Street, Block C 9/F Kaiser Estate Phase 1 Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong