The Oregon scientific brand owned by IDT international has set off the toy exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, in 2018 - A good toy is more about inspiring a child to explore
Time:2018-02-03 1119

In the recent US 2018 CES exhibition, IDT international attracted numerous attentions with innovative intelligent life solutions and cool fashion and technology products, won the favor of many exhibitors and won three technology innovation awards.

On January 31, IDT international's brand, Oregon Scientific, led by senior VP Phoenix Wong, entered the world’s largest and most famous professional toy exhibition, the Nuremberg toy fair 2018 in Germany.

The Nuremberg toy fair in Germany has been successfully held for 69 sessions since 1949. This year, more than 2,850 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions attended the exhibition, and over one million toy products were exhibited in the 170,000 square meters exhibition hall.


At the Nuremberg toy fair, Oregon Scientific brought a number of AR products with it, bringing a cool and interesting new experience to its customers and viewers.


Among them, the AR globe series products that caused a sensation in this exhibition have attracted more than 20 professional media interviews and extensive reports, among which TF1, a famous French TV station, and SAT.1, a famous German TV station, have made exclusive interviews and special reports on Oregon Scientific team and AR globe.

The flow of people and crowds at the Hall6, c-18, the Oregon Scientific booth was so intense that customers and media flocked to experience the AR globe. The lovely and interesting globe also has black technology.  After the experience, people all expressed “It's Incredible, amazing.”

The AR globe series in Oregon Scientific is a new interactive intelligent globe based on augmented reality and intelligent voice. It includes 220 national geographic information, 11 intelligent languages, and cool AR three-dimensional interaction, enabling children to understand and explore the whole world in an intuitive and three-dimensional way, and to discover the infinite mystery of the earth, let the children enjoy the fun brought by science and technology, as well as let them love learning, easy to master astronomical geography world encyclopedia and other vast knowledge.


Its innovative and revolutionary design has won many awards at home and abroad, and won the favor of parents and children from Italy, Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan, China and many other countries. Oregon Scientific advocates and highly praises the concept of “Smart Living”. It is committed to improving people's quality of life with the wisdom of science and technology and infinite creativity, and inspiring people to create a new thinking vision, new horizons and new attitudes. It includes three product series of smart home, smart learning and comfortable life. The products are popular in international markets such as Italy, France, Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan, enjoying a high brand reputation and reputation in the world.