Won the A' design award, IDT international’s power won the global recognition again
Time:2018-04-19 1561

Recently, the organizing committee of the A 'design grand prix’ has announced the selection results of the 2017-2018 annual competition. After multiple international judges' examination, the brand products of IDT international, Huger Board(travel scooter) and Huger Electronic Bike(electric power Bike), have won silver and bronze awards respectively.

Huger Board won the A 'design award, the silver award for sports entertainment and leisure design

Huger Electronic Bike won the A 'design award for mobile vehicle design bronze award

A’ Design Award is the largest global-leading and comprehensive Design competition in the world. It is honored as the Oscar of European Design circle and is an international competition recognized by the international graphic Design association federation ico-D and European Design association BEDA.


At the same time, it is also the member of ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design), ico - D (International Council of Design), ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association). The award brings together the designer, architect, artist, brand and company to work together for the same global project and goal, which is to recognize the importance of delivering and promoting the best design and architecture for social development.

As a global design grand prix, A’ design grand prix attaches great importance to the originality and innovation spirit of designers. The brand products of IDT international, Huger Board and Huger Electronic Bike, have been recognized by the judges of the competition with their innovative design concepts and good product essence.


Huger Board

Huger's travel scooter is designed to provide college students with more convenient and cool on-campus transportation, up to 25KM/H speed and up to 20KM battery life, so that college students can get rid of the trouble of being late for class when they are on their way. For urban white-collar workers, to say goodbye to the crowded subway bus, to green travel, to have close contact with the scenery along the way, and to lead their way with black technology represents their attitude and proposition to life.


Huger Electronic Bike

Huger electric power bicycle is originally designed to provide cyclists with a safer and cool cycling experience. It is upgraded on traditional bikes. With the latest technology, it is equipped with a median auxiliary motor and radar detection covering a range of 3-30 meters, so that cyclists can enjoy a safer, more relaxed and pleasant journey.



Two products, Huger Board and Huger Electronic Bike, are injected into WIFI radar detection to realize intelligent obstacle avoidance; through the access of APP, it responds to the development trend of the Internet of things. In the dual drive mode of manpower and electric power, the dual demands of movement and speed are guaranteed; with the use of color screen intelligent control panel, IDT breaks through the traditional body design pattern, perfectly integrates the latest technology and fashion elements and the concept of green environmental protection, and combines its years of outstanding design, development and production strength to provide intelligent travel solutions for world-renowned brands.

The brand products of IDT international have been favored by the international awards for a long time. This A’ design award is another big award following the Hong Kong industrial and commercial award, Hanover international BBS design award, red dot design award, innovation design engineering  award, which demonstrates the brand strength of IDT as always. In the future, IDT will continue to explore ways to enhance people's ability to work, travel and play, and lead social trends.