IDT international's appearance at CES was a great success in the field of intelligent manufacturing
Time:2018-01-12 800

On January 9, this year's CES, one of the world's largest and most influential technology exhibitions, attracted more than 3,900 exhibitors from more than 150 countries and brought the consumer electronics industry to a grand opening in Las Vegas. IDT international, Somfy, Suunto, Bosch, Sleepscore, Philips and other core strategic partners appeared in this exhibition.

Driven by new technologies such as big data cloud computing in the Internet of things, the consumer electronics industry has entered an unprecedented era of interconnection. Intelligence is the trend of the times from the original functional products to intelligent products, and then to intelligent smart home, intelligent sports and intelligent education.

IDT's core R&D and manufacturing capabilities are deeply integrated with IOT's intelligent manufacturing capabilities, providing a complete set of intelligent solutions for many international customers, meeting customers' needs in design, development and manufacturing engineering concept verification and mass customization production, and providing good user experience and application development services.

Timo Qi, CEO of IDT international, said that IDT has been working in the consumer electronics industry for 40 years and has been serving many famous international customers, such as Somfy , Suunto, Sleep score,  Philips,  Bosch, which has been well received by customers.

In recent years, IDT has expanded from intelligent manufacturing to AR interactive technology, innovation and entertainment in the Internet of things, and achieved outstanding results. It will become IDT's new growth engine and profit engine. In terms of new intelligent equipment, IDT has developed many star products, for example, the smart watch series and Connected Thermostat products developed for Suunto, the Tapplock intelligent lock and intelligent Robot ElliQ, each of which has won the CES technology innovation award.

The outstanding performance of IDT international in this CES exhibition is a concentrated reflection of IDT's scientific and technological innovation strength, an outstanding representative of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading. IDT will continue to lead an intelligent life with science and technology, meet the needs of more international customers with better product plans and services, and enable more consumers to enjoy the beautiful experience and fun brought by technology.