SmartGlobe™ Explorer 2.0
SmartGlobe Explorer 2.0 is the upgraded version to explore, it takes young adventurers
on a journey to Earth Core and the Solar System in 3D Augmented Reality. Travel the globe and explore the Solar System by opening the Globe to visualize the core of the Earth and solar system.


20,000+ pieces of information about the earth, countries, solar system and earth core, over 2.5 hours of educational content
45 topics on the activity panel, including 21 exploration topics, 6 compare games, 6 find games, 4 topics for earth core, 8 topics for the solar system
Open the globe to explore the Earth Structure and the Solar System
Designated content for ages 5-8, 9-14, and 15+
Local map with additional information for your country
Discover 220+ places with 4 Modes: Touch, Find, Compare and Knowledge
Wireless rechargeable OID(Optical Identification) Pen
Updatable contents on the SmartGlobe™ App
Multilingual: 4 built-in languages for Smart Pen, 11 languages for App