IDT 2019 Makes A Good Start!
Time:2019-02-12 3916

When the Year of the Pig arrives, you hear the song. A new-year has come. Firecracker, blessings and laughter bring you a lucky life, good fortune, smooth work and harmony to the family.


After spending a long and happy New Year holiday, IDT ushered the first business day of the New Year at 8:58 am on the 8th day of the New Year, a lucky day and time. In accordance with traditional practice, all management personnel were gathered in front of IDT Front Square to prepare for worship and led the traditional prayer activities with devotion such as cutting golden pigs, incense, blessings, and life release.


At a Brand New Year, IDT management sent heartfelt greetings and sincere wishes to all employees of the company, wishing everyone happy, good luck and good health in the new year. Everything goes well with luck and  good fortune in 2019!

Staff at Worship

Eating Golden Tangerine for Best of Luck in New Year

Lastly, the IDT management carried out the Golden Pig Cutting ceremony and wished IDT a thriving new year, a prosperous business and a wealth of fortune!

IDT Management Cut the Golden Pig

After the worship activities, IDT staff crew drove to Tiegang Reservoir to release 16 carps, which implies “a smooth journey” this year.

Andrew Wan, CFO Released Carps Together with Yubin, Deputy Manager of Administrative Department

After the ceremony, which was completed in a lively and peaceful atmosphere, all the managers were invited to gather for lunch. Everyone looked back at the past and looked forward to the future, giving the best wishes to each other and vowing to the fullest. With the dedication to work for IDT, IDT will go further and further on the road to success in a stable pace!

Company Management New Year Staff Lunch 

Once again,we wish you all good health, great wealth and happiness in the New Year!


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