Oregon Scientific Officially Enters the China Early Education Market
Time:2019-05-30 4350

Award-Winning SmartGlobes and Exciting AR Learning Toys Inspire and Entertain the 15th China (WuXi) International Design Expo for the First Time

30 May 2019

China - Oregon Scientific, the world’s leading electronic educational toy brand since 1989, was highlighting the newest collection of products at the 15th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo during May 25 to 27 that officially enter the China early education market. Promoting the concept of “Smart Learning” to China, Oregon Scientific puts creative design and innovation into learning products to maximize fun, which stimulates and rewards the natural curiosity of Chinese children and helps cultivate a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Organized by the National Intellectual Property Administration, PCR, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, the event has covered an area of 23,400m² which gathered more than 200 institutions and companies from over 10 countries and regions.

The 15th China (Wuxi)  International Design Expo

Partnered with Intellectual Property Publishing House, Oregon Scientific participated the show for the first time and showcased the Magic Graffiti Wall, SmartGlobe™ series and My Fun Map at Hall A 1-47 of 60 m², under the theme "New Design, NewCreation, New Life". Spotlighting Smart Learning, STEAM and AR Tech application, over 80 designers and general public were amused by our state-of-the-art products and the exciting AR Tech which were running throughout the three-day event to public.

Booth of Oregon Scientific

Oregon Scientific believes that education has a vital role to play in building sustainable innovation. STEAM education, which integrates the studies of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, is having a big impact on young lives. At our booth, children were engaged to create their own creatures while learning the vocabularies and Mathematic and more through the Magic Graffiti Wall, with its intelligent and easy-to-use AR app that truly brings the sea world to life and inspires endless imagination.

This animatronic yellow-fin tuna swims around the booth to interact with visitors

Another highlight included the prize-winning and successful SmartGlobe™ series that are brilliantly designed, educational, and also fun. They allowed visitors to experience various interactive media, including touch, listen, games and augmented reality (AR) related to STEAM (Science, Technology,Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). The series covered the topics of earth core structure and solar systems, as well as constellations and climate, history and more that foster children imagination, discovery and developmental milestones through playing.

Ms Chow brought her son to our AR interactive stand. She said her son loved the AR Magic Graffiti Wall painting and interacting with SmartGlobe™, and believed such products will stimulate his interest in innovation, art, science and engineering.

Kids eagerly tested different SmartGlobe™ products

Taking a selfie at Oregon Scientific booth using SmartGlobe™ App and sharing it on social media earns you a prize

Oregon Scientific also featured My Fun Map to showcase the latest design concepts and innovations in which deliver important developmental benefits that help children reach language, cognitive and motor skill milestones. As a child/visitor presses on the countries, flags, animals or landmarks, it will respond and engage children with over 800 bilingual audio information, national anthems and more. Mike Zhou, Sales Director of Oregon Scientific China, was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with visitors from all over China, said: “The launch of the Smart Learning products is an important step for Oregon Scientific to lay out the China early education toy market. These products are just the beginning of Oregon Scientific’s Smart Learning series. We will continue to expand this product line in the future, and we will actively seek more partners to jointly develop the market. During the exhibition, I was approached a number of times by product designers and creative talents from the mainland which were particularly inspiring and will help us develop new ideas.” He also believed Oregon Scientific and Intellectual Property Publishing House would continue to join hands on projects that promote design thinking and creativity, contributing to a better future for China.

Mike Zhou, Sales Director of Oregon Scientific China, demonstrated augmented reality tech at the show. Kids interacted with panda (theme: Animal, Dinosaurs, Solar System & International Cuisine) on a screen and they are delighted

Details on the products on display can be found athttp://global.oregonscientific.com/cn/or China WeChat QR code.


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