SmartGlobe™ Elite
Enables SmartPen to Touch and get audio content from the pen and obtain visual content from the globe’s display.
Accurate geographic globe and starry night light, with 88 constellations by the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
provides content in audio, images and videos and even allows to obtain new educational content with 3rd Party APPs via Wi-Fi.


Android SmartGlobe with 7-inch color display to provide more engaging content in audio, pictures and even videos;
Expand the library by downloading new contents via Wi-Fi;
Interactive Encyclopedia enables Touch by SmartPen and get visual content on 5 categories: Animal, Cuisine, Landmark, History and National flag;
Learn lively about animals, landmarks, dinosaurs, climate, and more;
45 topics and 20,000+ pieces of information about the world to be explored;
Touch, compare, find, and listen to knowledge.